Mar 23, 2018


Here my Inspiration board for today...!

Have a great Weekend everyone..!
xx Linda

Mar 20, 2018

Time flies..

The other day we were remeniscing about how fast time goes by when you have kids...
We were looking at actual pictures from our little ones and couldn‘t believe how much they‘ve grown...

Here a little time laps of our boy.

And lets not forget about our girl...

Having kids is tough, but the most rewarding, amazing and heartblowing thing ever...
Seeing them growing up, being happy innocent kiddos is the most incredible thing...of course some nights (and some days too) can be exhausting, but sure worth while...

To a hundred years more on this adventurous ride..
I can‘t wait to see our two nuggets grow up!

Sorry for the emotional fam-spam..
xx Linda

Mar 16, 2018


Here my Inspiration board for today..!

Have a great Weekend everyone!
xx Linda

Mar 13, 2018

Up and up

Hello my dear readers...

How was your Weekend?

On our Weekend we visited the ferris wheel that is placed close to the lake of Zurich. The kids were super excited... (the adults were quite reluctant with excitement...hello fear of heights!)
Ever since the very first moment they saw the ferris wheel, they asked if we could please mount it...and who am I to deny them something like this... LOL!

After the ride, the kids remembered the time we spent in Santa Monica, visiting the ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier, and we started reminiscing about the wonderful time we had in California and Hawaii and the many great moments we experienced, already three years ago...

Again and again, we become aware of how fast time goes by when you have kids...

I am always amazed on how much Zurich has to offer year-round, there is something for every age and every taste! Zurich my love, you are the best!

xx Linda