Jun 21, 2012


What is it, that whenever I want to shop something, I am not able to find what I need?! It really drives me crazy! When I am on a window shopping tour, I see a gazillion of different things I could immediately buy, but want to safe up for another shopping tour... but as soon as I need to find something certain, my eyes seem to be shut or at least unconvincing on the assortment.

I was trying to find a dress for an upcoming wedding and went to the city center for a hopefully successful shopping spree on a nice baby-free afternoon.
I had the time, had the ka-ching and had the conviction to find what I was looking for.
So I went to every single store I knew, to find my ideal dress. I swear, I wasn't picky, since I hadn't had a specific idea on how it had to look... I was really open to style, color and cut. I even tried on some pieces I would normally had never even laid an eye on (I admit, I had learned my lesson, while looking for my wedding gown... dresses do look different on the hanger than on ones body!), but what a great disappointment! Not a single piece catching my interest, not even close...
After a couple of frustrating hours I stopped, as I didn't want to ruin my mood on my afternoon off!

As the wedding date is coming closer and closer, and not much time is left (nor any city trips planned any time soon, where I could have discovered IT in an unknown store, somewhere unexpected) I started to surf the internet and was finally (after a humongous search on the web) able to find THE PERFECT DRESS for me! It fits like a wonderful glove, the color is fabulous and I was even able to get it at a reasonable price!! YAY! Happy times guaranteed!!

(Since I really don't want to risk that someone else I know, attending the same event, flashes the same beauty, I will only show you pictures after the wedding! Thanks for your understanding ;-) )

I reckon you all have made these kind of experiences and know exactly what I mean.
Now I am curious, how do you handle these shopping dramas?
Do you buy these dresses "in advance"? And by "in advance" I mean, whenever you see something in the shop, way ahead to any event planned in your future agenda? (If yes, are these purchases always a bingo, or do they stay more often untouched in your closet and wait for their moment to shine?)
How do you deal with that disappointment?
What I also dislike is, when I have a certain look in my head I want to buy and I can't find what I am searching for, how do you react then? Do you buy something else, just to have the feeling of "achievement" or do you wait smoothly until you find what you are looking for?

Looking forward to getting your comments on this little adventure...
xx Linda

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