Jul 25, 2012

Input? Comments? Suggestions?

Hey y'all...
First of all a big thank you for reading my blog/posts...!

Please let me know what you would like to read, find and see on my blog!
I'm happy to get some feedback from you and trying to implement your wishes!
Happy summer to all of you!
xx Linda

1 comment:

  1. Dear Linda

    I loooooove your blog. Got some great ideas out of your posts. Especially I realised Singapore has a CARTER baby clothes shop - will check it out soon...

    ...as you might now, am sooooo bookish and currently all over with my "50 shades..." books and already sad that soon I will have finished the trilogy. Therefore do you have any great book tips?

    Lastly wanted to ask you what you think about the High Top Sneakers (like the ones from Isabel Marant)? I am not sure yet, whether I like or don't like them....Let me know.

    Hugs from Singiland
    Mrs W :-)