Jul 17, 2012

True colors

I love my fun nail polish colors. For every mood I'm in, I got the right shade...

Here my pinks:
(f.l.t.r: H&M "All Eyes On Me", Essie "Status Symbol", H&M "Check Me Out", Essie "Flawless", Chanel "Magnolia Rose", Essie "Not Just A Pretty Face", Essie "Ballet Slippers", KOH "Calcium Nail Whitener")

Here my greys:
(f.l.t.r: H&M "Pink Mist", Astor "11", Matt├ęse ""187", Essie "Sand Tropez", Essie "Master Plan", Essie "Chinchilly", Sephora by OPI "Metro Chic", OPI "Over The Taupe", Alessandro "Dusty Purple", Chanel "Kaleidoscope")

Here my reds:
(f.l.t.r: Chanel "Black Satin", Sephora "Chic And Rebel", Astor "572", OPI "Zurich Zurprise", OPI "Got The Blues For Red", MAC "Cream Rougemarie", Chanel "Dragon", H&M "Red Nail", Essie "Russian Roulette", OPI "Red My Fortune Cookie", Maybelline "Passionate Red", L'Oreal "Exquisite Scarlet")

Show me you favorite colors for your fingers and toes...

xx Linda

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