Aug 16, 2012

BEWARE! This post might end in an addiction...

Nowadays the online entertainment possibilities, offered through the world wide web are humungous and uncountable!

Here are my everyday solutions (if you got a spare minute) to fill in some blank minutes... ;-)

PINTEREST: Such a simple tool, but so inspiring and creative! Post you own pictures, follow different people or boards you like, with the subjects you're most likely interested in!

BLOGLOVIN: Follow easily your favorite blogs with this device! Get everyday the updates of the blogs you're keeping track of! (Oh, and what blogs do you follow?? INPUT PLEASE!)

NET-A-PORTER: Appease your hunger for fashion!

MYTHERESA: Take a dip into the latest high fashion...

ASOS: There you'll find fashion for any budget! YAY!!

JUST JARED: The latest news and gossip of the celebrity world.

BABYCENTER: Find here most answers (in German and also available in English!) for your questiona about your baby!

I'm curious...let me know what helps you get out of boredom?

xx Linda

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