Aug 7, 2012

✰ Bla bla kids ✰

Dear moms and dads, uncles and aunts, grandpas and grandmas..

The only thing we strive for, at any day of our kids life, is to make them happy and of course
keep them healthy.

My son looooves his blablakids-dolls sooo very much! And honestly speaking, I do too! :-)
Especially the little bear with the green skirt...
I used to have a very similar one, when I was a child too! Such fond memories...

Berlioz the Bear

Bernice the Bear

Girl Monkey Rattle

Wooly the Sheep

The great qualtiy of this handmade, knitted cotton dolls, rattles, key chains etc. make them unique pieces and fantastic presents! Your kids will love to cuddle and play with them!

Make your baby happy too and get them here!

xx Linda

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