Aug 29, 2012

Home, sweet new home

Greetings from the countryside! ;-)

We finally moved to our new crib this weekend... YAY!!!

Uuuffff, just contemplating about all the work that includes a movement, makes me tired all over again...especially if you relocate with a little one, it makes you even more realize how much stuff you store in your home...

I am glad and thankful to have been able to take such a great step and moving into our own new place.. But nevertheless I really really really detest everything that includes a relocation!

I must admit, without my parents, it would NOT have been possible, to rearrange our household in such a short period of time! They're just the bestest in the whole wide world and I am just endlessly thankful for all they've done and do for us!!!

Besides them, we have made a fantastic experience with our moving company. They were quick, professional, reasonable and in great spirits throughout the whole process.
We can only compliment them with their great work and their fabulous work ethic!

If you're planning to relocate sometime soon in the area of Zurich, please consider them!! I promise you won't be disappointed!

xx a very exhausted Linda


  1. Oooooooh Linda I feel with you! By just thinking over relocating back to Switzerland (when the time comes) makes me feel stressed all over again. I HATE MOVING! Isn't there a thing such as "beam us into the new house and arrange the items accordingly - on its own please"???!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

    But congrats to your new home!!! Cannot wait to see moooooooore pics ;-)

    Mrs W from S with hubby R and baby G ;-)

  2. Jö Lindi, jetzt isch gschafft. sofort en grossi iiweihigsparty organisiere und nomeh züüg überchoo (also iiiich hett mis gschänkli ja scho..just saying..).
    beso, n.

  3. glückwunsch schätzis!!! ich wünsch eu nur s'beschd im neuä dihei!!! dickä kuss!!! melanie und co. :-)

  4. congrats! pictures??? :) puss o kram