Sep 30, 2012


Today we had some dear friends with their two boys over for a comfy brunch!
We wanted the brunch to be fun, colorful and easy going, so we went for some pops of strong colors and combined them with our chromatic Bopla dishes.

I just love the variety of different types of food you can choose from at brunches, the long durations of those meal-happenings and, of course, spending the time with our dear ones..!

Here a little sneek peek from our buffet:

Exotic fruit salad à la Linda

Exotic fruit salad à la Linda:
Mix as many different fruits as possible.
(mostly exotic ones like Mango, Physallis, Kiwis etc.)
Wash them and cut them into bite-sized pieces.
Ad some lime juice (especially over the Bananas!)
Add two good filled tablespoons of honey. 
After finishing, let the fruits rest for some time, so they can produce some nice juice.
Now stir everything and ready is the easiest but tastiest fruit salad ever! 

I love those colorful flowers, aren't they great?

After loads of food, laughter and playing with the kids, we went for a nice walk to burn some of the calories we just took in. We all needed some fresh air after the vast array of food we just ate and being on the countryside offers great entertainment for the kiddies by observing goats, sheeps, cows and horses on our little tour!

Hope your sunday was as placid as ours!
xx Linda

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