Sep 22, 2012

For all first time mums...

Here my baby-must-have-list (for now in german only! I'll translate asap, promise!) for all the needed and helpful things you should have for the first 6 months of your newborns life!
Best would be, if you prepared it, or at least most of it, BEFORE the baby is here...!

If you would like to get my list as a pdf, please e-mail me!

Hope this list helps you getting prepared for your little miracle! 
xx Linda

PS: A big thank you to Karin B. who helped me out with the first edition of this list, before baby G. got into this world! This was so helpful to me that I passed it on to some of my friends and they all thought it was of great help to them too! So here I share it now with you! ;-)

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