Sep 10, 2012

I heart weddings..

We're in the middle of wedding season in our group of friends... YAY!

I must admit, I looooove weddings...
I love to see the beaming bride, the teary groom, the gorgeous guests and the stunning wedding locations...
I just adore the lovely emotional speeches of friends and family, to rock the party until sunrise, to tuck into the delicious food with the yummie cake...

Isn't it just the best to accompany your dear friends into the next level of their relationships? To see your family take another step deeper into their love lifes? It's just fantastic, isn't it...?

Here a tiny little glimpse of my wedding shoes and dress... 

Aww, I get so emotional all over again, just to think about OUR special day! 
I remember all the happy faces of our families, the good mood of the dearest friends in the whole wide world and the beautiful island location. And of course I got the bestest hubby EVER! 

xx Linda

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  1. I love weddings, too, they are so romantic and such a good time. I have attended countless weddings and helped plan quite a few but still get that same feeling of excitement every time.