Sep 4, 2012

Miracle time with the girls...

How good does it feel to meet up with some of my dear girlfriends for a fun night out...
(Altough the "night out" part has changed a lot since there are kids in our lifes, but nevertheless it feels great to catch up in peace and have a glass of wine over a great plate of food...Nowadays it happens  very randomly that we end up going on to a bar for drinks or even going out to a nice dancing place...but chit chatting and giggling over girlie stuff in good old manner is priceless!)

So yesterday, after a long time again, we gathered together and enjoyed our companies... we went to my old neighbourhood (Seefeld) and enjoyed a lovely dinner at, in my opinion, the best Pizzeria Zurich has to offer.... It's not about the ambience, but really about the food!

Find here a little tour de Miracle...ürich/Restaurant-Bar-Miracle-Pizzeria-Take-Away/video-2965796-2956881.aspx?pt=13

Go there and don't forget to reserve early enough, as only limited tables are available!

Hope you'll like it!
xx Linda

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