Sep 27, 2012

The perfect "bring-along"...

Isn't it nice to get little presents from people who for example come and visit you at your new place?

Here some of my favorites we got from our best ones for moving into our new home or suggestions I like to take along...

Aėsop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash - get it here.

3 tiered Etagere - get it here.

A bottle of their favorite bubbly - get it here

Yummie Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli - get it here

A nice bouquet of seasonal flowers - get it at a close market or your nearest florist

A little lantern - get it here

As much as I love getting little presents - smile - to me the biggest present is still to share quality time with my loved ones, chit chat and laugh throughout a fun visit.

xx Linda

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