Oct 31, 2012

Glitz & Glam

Today I really need some glitter...

OK...I feel better now. Thank you.

xx Linda

Oct 30, 2012

Daring or not?

Do you know the feeling of wanting to change something with your look?

Most of the time, at least with us women, it's leading to a new hair cut or hair color. But eventhough you're longing for a change, you don't dare to really execute the new hairstyle by going to your hairdresser.

Here is a funny tool, to check out beforehand, how your latest idea for your new hairstyle might look on you... Get yourself a virtual makeover!


Just download a picture of yourself (check out the explanation on how the photo should be taken) and continue with your choice.

Get creative and inspired, so you will finally dare to cut those bangs you always dreamed of...or not!

xx Linda

Oct 29, 2012

More DIY bracelets...

I've found this very informative DIY-bracelets instructions link, where you can learn how to do very different types of bracelets by yourself. Nice ey..?

Have fun...and don't forget to show me your results!!

xx Linda

Oct 25, 2012

X-mas decoration inspo..

Switzerland is covered in snow. So I thought I had to write today about something wintery!

Tobe honest, I can't wait to see Gregory admiring his second X-mas tree this winter. This time hopefully he'll be more aware of the creativity behind all the decoration... :-) I'm looking forward seeing his big eyes lighten up and smiling at me!

Here some Christmas decoration ideas for you in the mean time...

xx Linda

Rose petals and other fashion no-nos...?

Have you seen Jessica Biel's wedding dress? There seems to be a new trend regarding wedding gowns.. they must be in a light color hue...

To be honest, I like Jessicas dress, but not as a wedding dress! To me, for a wedding, the dress has to stay classic white... at all times! Simple and pure. White in all different shades is fine, but no color! If you want to add a pop of color wear bright shoes or colorful flower bouquet, but no color in the dress!

My choice might be too old-fashioned for some people, but aren't there so many other occasions to wear beautiful colors? Can't white just stay reserved for brides?

What is your opinion on the color code? Is my taste to antiquated?

xx Linda

PS: Pictures are borrowed from people.com

Can you see it?? ;-)

xx Linda

I'M JUST A MOM... and proud of it!

xx Linda

Oct 23, 2012


Here my inspiration board for today.

Have a great weekend everyone...!
xx Linda