Oct 2, 2012


Hello dear Readers of Lindas Blog

How very nice of Linda to ask me if i’d like to write a guest blog. Sure thing!
I hope you like my contribution and i hope you add your personal reading favorites in the commentary section below...Really really would like to know what others are reading.

Fuck your noguchi coffe table
Two words: Ha ha.
The blog is being written by a couple. One day, they just had enough that all interior blogs post the same stuff and people putting furniture in their homes they have seen in a fancy decor-magazine and copy paste ideas without understanding the concept. So they post basically what all interior blogs post, only, the put a little "fuck your..." underneath the picture. Evil genius!

Admit it, just between us two: Ever peeked into the bathroom cabinet of somebody to spy on their products? Sure you have. Ever asked a friend which kind of lipstick/makeup remover/shampoo she uses? Sure you did. Wanna know what products designers, models and other industry related celebrities use in private and which super secrets they have? Of course you do. This blogs gives you all the access. But beware: A lot of the celebrity blabla is just utter nonsense ("I don't belive in putting petroleum on my face". Aha. Then stop using Embryolisse), some of it outright dangerous (Caudalies Beauty Elixier is like acid for your face. But recommending french products is very à la mode, it seems.) But some tips are just genius (Philip B. Hairshampoo; Biokosma Make-up remover and some more)
Actually, Linda, wanna do some of these sessions too? Yes? Brilliant.

The rockstar diaries
a classical mormon-blog. yes you heard right. mormon.  i love them. the represent the total contrary to my world. they are like a cynical-free, full color bubbly instagramm version of the reality i live in. it's like good tv, but only, this is real.

the guardian
If you only read one newspaper a day, read this. Yes, a bit on the British Side, but still a lot of very interesting information. love the Life&Style and Culture section, but also all the random articles that make you a little smarter (The god particle? Check. Most common pin-codes? Check. How to cook perfect tarte tatin? Check). Search for the Sally Hanson Beauty Blog. and the Cooking blog, if you like to get inspired. You're welcome.

the kitchn
Speaking of inspiration: The Kitchn. Pretty pretty pictures of food you wanna instantly prepare yourself. Then you start freezing self-made garlic-butter. Then you update your cupbord with ingredients like a chef. Then you suddenly wanna have japanese pro knifes..Yes, it's that inspiring. Your family and friends will love you even more. Or think you've gone mad, like in my case. But that's another story.

The Man Repeller
This is basically a simple fashion blog. But the girl, Leandra Medine, shows a side of fashion that is normally totally absent in this business: Humour.
The instragramm pics are fun and her outfit combinations are eye-cancer material. But her texting is fab. And fun. Here you go.

To say it with Leandra:
And now, the comments....
(Nothing is more awarding than getting a comment. So do us this favour, yes?)


  1. OK, I'll make a start... here my most read Blogs:

    Jetsetting Chiara travels the world of fashion ever so stylish.

    I just love Wendy's style!

    Of course I need to follow my dear friend Sabrina what she's out and about in Stockholm

    A classic!

    This is just such a cute family!

    Amazing how Anja manages her family and bakes and handcrafts so many cute things! A real idol!

    Great for trends and styling

    I must admit, I really looooooove weddings! :-)

    And the best thing to follow all my blogs is that I joined BLOGLOVIN to make sure, I really get the updates on the ones I read on a regular basis!

    Now it's your turn!
    xx Linda

  2. Oh, and have I told you about Pinterest? I'm really addicted to it... it is not a "normal" Blog with written information. It just shows pictures that you can collect and like...but it's the best! So inspirational and creative! Try it out and follow me, so I can follow you! (http://pinterest.com/themamacita/)
    xx Linda

  3. weeeell: Elin Kling i would say, but who doesn't know her... then i love Spell&the Gipsy http://spellsjewellery.blogspot.ch/

    Anna Malmberg (a swedish photographer) http://anna.elle.se/

    aaaand http://thebeautifulsoup.com/ http://etoall.freshnet.se/ (check out also columbine on freshnet - Elin's former assistant) http://loversinvain.blogspot.com.au/ and http://www.abeautifulmess.com/projects-a-beautiful-mess-diy-index.html for DIY..

    and Lisen - my swedish friend living in switzerand - http://www.thygoldentime.blogspot.ch/

    FINALLY - LINDA from The Mamacita Blog :)

    pusspuss my dear