Oct 6, 2012

Autumn walks at the lake...

What a fantastic autumn vibe my son and I experienced the other day, walking alongside of the lake Zurich. Autumn has definitively arrived! The trees are changing colors, the wind blows stronger, the waves on the lake become higher and the sunlight changes it's gleam.

I was able to gather some freshly fallen off chestnuts, that I want to use for decoration.

My favorite autumn item to cover and protect me, is my cozy scarf... 

As much as I like summer time, the changing of the seasons is always exciting and welcome at some point. Not only is it time to change your wardrobe, which always gets me very thrilled, but also to see how nature can recover from the heat, peel off the desiccated pieces and being capable to re-bloom in a gorgeous autumn dye, as well as taking a gasp of relief for a more humid time laying ahead, is always a great pleasure to me.

I feel blessed for being able to experience the four different seasons and to show my son throughout the year a great variety of seasonal things and to introduce him to the divers times of the year.

What season is your favorite one? And what do you like to do on a great autumn day?

xx Linda

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