Oct 7, 2012

Bella Italia...

Soon my hubby and I will go on a nice road trip to the Piemont in Italy.
YAY, believe me, I can't wait!! Sooo excited to get some twosome time with my hubster!

We already experienced a fantastic trip a couple of years ago, as we were together only a couple of months, with loads of great food and wine, beautiful little villages, picturesque landscapes and cozy Albergos we stayed at...

Now we decided to give it another try and revisit the Piemont...
(Eventhough we have already made the experience, that it will be a total disappointment to go to the same place once more, when you have already had the greatest time there, as it will never be the same again as it used to be...)

We will be there for the Truffle-fair...so with the food we can't go wrong... :-)
The wine of this region (Barolo, Barbera and Barbaresco) is super delicious, and we will be in the middle of  wine heaven... culinary-wise we're all set...

We do know some nice places to stay at, but maybe you are able to suggest us THE place to be?
Have you been lately to the Piemont? Where did you go and where did you sleep at?

Your help and recommendation is highly appreciated!! 

Grazie e ciao a tutti...
xx Linda


  1. le case della saracca in monforte d'alba - mega cools hotel (in fels gebaut) & mer isst super fein grad une ine ;-) have fun!

  2. For a romantic get-away just the two of you, this is the place I can definitely recommend:


    Fantastic location, great food and last but not least a sumptuous spa for some well deserved me-time...

    Have fun!

  3. http://www.rocchecostamagna.it/rocchecostamagna/ita/artsuites.htm
    ciao bellissima! mier hend euises ersti reisli elleige au letzt oktober is piemont gmacht :)) und da hemmer gschlafe (la morra). gnüssets und un abbraccio forte, s.

  4. nomal öpis ihgfalle: marchesi alfieri in asti.. händ au eigene wieh wos produziered und e reis wert!

  5. was isch das für es Hotel uf dim Bildli?
    Ich will au Piemont...

    1. Das isch das gsi, womer s'letschtmal per Zuefall gfunde händ...
      Isch de Hammer!