Oct 4, 2012

Best Baby Toys Purchases

When you have a baby, you'll sure get toys that are better or worse... Some will be ignored completely, others may be engrossed within a second the baby lays it's eyes on it.

Here is the top 11 list so far of my Baby Gregory:

Chicco I-Feel rocker, the perfect babysitter starting from the very beginning!
Available here or here

A wooden ball path with bells. Gregory is and was fascinated with those little sounds that he heard, when the ball hits the bells.
Similiars available here or here

Seize ball Skwisch, that's just great for biting, exploring, hearing and touching!
Similiars available here or here

Something great fun. The colors and the texture is so interesting.
Available at almost any grocery store or News stand.

Super soft bears, rabbits and others plush animals, great for hugging, snuggeling and sleeping.
Similiars available at any children store/departement or here

Music books for babies with sound buttons. Great for the awareness of action and reaction!
Similiars available here or here

A good theething ring is key! 
Similiars available here or here

His beloved Pirate's playing tent. A great place to hide, retire or just to play in.
Similiars available here or here

HABA ZWITSCHERLINGE MOBILE: His Birds-Mobile was and still is a fantastic go-to-bed-help!
Available here or here

BRIO wooden Racecar: He adores his brrrooom-brrrrooomm-brrrooommm.
Similiars available here or here

Chicco quattro 4-in-1 car ride. Good at almost any toddler age.
Available here or here

Berlioz the Bear - by Blablakids, great handmade bear, Gregory loves to kuddle with.
Available here 

There are plenty of more toys Gregory adores, but I can see him coming back at these on a daily basis...

What toys do your kids, grandkids, nephews etc. love?

xx Linda

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  1. Thanks for sharing some fantastic baby gift ideas Linda! Great article!