Oct 9, 2012


Today was our baby's first birthday..
I was so emotional throughout the whole day, I had to hold back my tears, otherwise I would have cried the entire day! I am so thankful for having this healthy, funny and adorable boy. I am overwhelmed by those many deep emotions I was able to experience this past year and I'm so in love with MY BIRTHDAY BOY... WOW!!

For his birthday we planned a rather small party surrounded with just our families...

Here the birthday cake table...

The gorgeous cakes were from here (as mentioned here) and were super yummie! The cupcakes I did my self (you can tell, right?! haha) and the macarons were from here.

We enjoyed this evening so much with our families and the little one loved being in the center of attention, his decorated table, the colorful balloons, his first piece of cake and his cool presents!


Thank you for being in our lives!

I am exhausted now... think I'll go to bed and get some sleep!

xx Linda

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