Nov 3, 2012

DIY kids toys ideas...

There are great ways to spend a rainy/snowy day at home with your kids doing handicrafts...

Here some great ideas to do by yourself...

Chestnut animals and dolls... perfect in autumn...

Just harvest some chestnuts, take some nut shelves and toothpicks/matches and some crayons to paint faces and get creative!

Another great pastime is painting nice stones you collect on the streets... paint them and you'll kids will love to play with them too!!

Grab different colors, feathers, rhinestones and a good glue and you are ready to start having fun with your kids!

Do you have a great DIY pastime idea, to do some handicraft with your kids?

Show me your results!!

xx Linda

1 comment:

  1. oh, this reminds me of my childhood! And I am already looking forward to do all those things when Sofia will be old enough ;)