Oct 10, 2012

From moms for your little one..

Here a great present you can get for your little ones.... a DVD (only in German!) with 12 songs for children starting age 2 accompanied with some kids videos according to the song lyrics...
This is a good way to learn the lyrics as they can link the pictures to the songtext.

The DVD is called "meins!" by "Die Mamis" (here you can find their homepage).

Have here a little example of the song "Hopp hopp hopp, Pferdchen lauf Galopp".

The videos are cut and edited very slowly, with breaks inbetween the songs, so the kids can get themselves a breather before watching the next song... This is a somewhat "healthy" way for your kids to watch TV.

Of course, it is always better to get your kids out to the playground and you sing the songs with them yourself!

Go and order your DVD right now! Here you find the link with the order submission!

xx Linda

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