Oct 13, 2012

Money can't buy you style...

There are some people out there, that have so much money, they can afford anything their hearts desires... but unfortunately, their money can't buy them style and individuality!

I mean... is it really nice being dressed from head to toe in one designers attire?? Doesn't make the combination it interesting and individual? Where has one's creativity gone...??

Of course there are some nice exceptions, if you wear a nice dress with a pair of matching shoes of one designer, that may make sense... but why not teaming it up with something completely against all odds?

It is always good, to take a picture of yourself before you step on a red carpet and get photographed.. it may prevent you from having a fashion disaster...

Here some "Not-so-good-looks":

Macy Macy Macy... why that Gray???

Karolina, as pretty as you are... that's a no go!

Florence Welch...I'm just scared...

I love Missoni...but worn this way??

Sometime it is just better to stay behind the cameras!

Amy Lee...no go...please keep it a bit more feminine..

I thought, looking for WALDO is supposed to be hard...?!

OMG...this leaves me speechless!

Then again, combining too much, isn't always too flattering either...! Sandra, as much as we like to read your blog, and as much as we would love to have your closet...please, we prefer to see you wearing things a little bit more toned down! ;-)

As much as fashion is supposed to be fun, by keeping it simple and not too colorful and bright, that usually helps to make your outfit not over shine your pretty self!

xx Linda


  1. Die Sandra isch de horror - wanna be ADR... naja..

  2. D'sändy macht eine uf Anna dello Russo glaubs? oder villicht isch sie sponsored by MacOptik oder so, will da bruucht mer würkli en Brülle. ganz en dunkli. hehe.