Oct 25, 2012

Rose petals and other fashion no-nos...?

Have you seen Jessica Biel's wedding dress? There seems to be a new trend regarding wedding gowns.. they must be in a light color hue...

To be honest, I like Jessicas dress, but not as a wedding dress! To me, for a wedding, the dress has to stay classic white... at all times! Simple and pure. White in all different shades is fine, but no color! If you want to add a pop of color wear bright shoes or colorful flower bouquet, but no color in the dress!

My choice might be too old-fashioned for some people, but aren't there so many other occasions to wear beautiful colors? Can't white just stay reserved for brides?

What is your opinion on the color code? Is my taste to antiquated?

xx Linda

PS: Pictures are borrowed from people.com

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