Oct 23, 2012

Salito - The Food Company

No clue what to cook for your friends on Saturday? Missing the creativity in your kitchen?
Order with Salito - The Food Company and safe some quality time with your family at home... an all new standard of YOUR quality time!

Salito plans your menue, shops for the necessary groceries, delivers them to your home and you can cook after the neat recipe that comes along with your purchase.

Skip the annoying search for parking spaces, avoid the stressed out people in your local grocerie store and elude the line at the cashier.

Simply just order your booking online (9 days of processing time needed!) and the question to "What should we have for dinner tonight" can be put aside.

Salito absorbs all the planning of the menues, the shopping of the purchase list and delivers everything to your convenience directly to your home - simple and comfortable.

Salito respects the need for a healthy and diversified choice and provides you, if possible, with sustainable products.

The enclosed recipes are visible on www.salito.ch, so you can prepare yourself well in advance to your convenience, so the cooking will only take you 30-35 minutes and your delicious meal is ready! You don't need to be a master chef, to being able to prepare the menue of your choice.

The shopping bad and the matching recipe serves you for 2 or 4 people. This way also the single household can profit from this great service and is able to enjoy a balanced and healthy alimentation.

It is our aim to get you, if possible, organic food. Sustainability and Swissness is a high priority for Salito. All the products are being selected after their high requirements, it is very important to them to provide you with impeccable and high quality produce.

Here a little choice of their weekly menues:

Mushroom risotto with spinach and beetroot

Indian chicken curry

Chicken-Sesame Wok with rice

Mexican burger with potatoe wedges

Mmmmh... this looks so yummie and is yet so simple!!

Go for it and safe yourself some quality time at home.

xx Linda

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