Oct 15, 2012

What's in your bathroom cabinet?

How does your beauty regime look like?

As much as I love all type of beauty products, I keep coming back to these 6 essentials of mine...

From left:
- CLINIQUE clarifying lotion 2 - A nice cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean from all the daily/nightly dirt.
- LANCOME galatéis douceur - A gentle softening cleansing fluid for face & eyes, the perfect make-up remover all in one.
- CLINIQUE turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer - I could sleep in a pot full of this creme, it is so soothing and my skin feels so hydrated with this on.
- CLINIQUE all about eyes - The perfect moisture for around my eyes that reduces circles and puffs.
- CLINIQUE superdefense SPF 15 - Great creme for the day that helps my skin stay hydrated and defends it from the sunlight.
- LADY SPEED STICK shower fresh - The best deodorant that protects me 24 hours 7 days a week from any sweating and odour.

What are your beauty essentials??

xx Linda

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  1. aaahh a fellow Clinique-addict - liking u more n more ha ha!