Nov 1, 2012


Yummieness is back...  Good old "BANAGO-Choco Drink" is back on the market and I can't get enough of it...
Thanks to Migros it's again available to the Swiss market! YAY!

There are so many products that bring me back in time and let the good memories come up again... Pepita, Frey Chocolate DragĂ©es, Carambar Caramel, PEZ candy,  SportVIT Malt/Chocolate's really countless...!!

What is one of your childhood favorites that you are glad it's still, or back on the market?

xx Linda


  1. Well, not sure whether these products still exist, but Capri Sonne and Calippo were my all time favourites! Whenever we went to the Black Forest searching for mushrooms we would stop at one of the grocery stores and were allowed to choose one sweet thing. Capri Sonne was always on the list and if we were lucky then we would go for Hanuta, Ritter Sport as well and Duplo and... OMG how I miss this products. Gosh, am getting nostalgic!! ;-)

    1. haha... I know what you mean!! Luckily all of these products still exist and are now available in CH!! :-)