Nov 5, 2012

Sweet piggy face..

Yesterday we went to visit some dear friends in the area of Berne, to Kirchberg to be precise.
We spent a lovely noon with them, eating great food, having great talks and observing our kiddies becoming great friends...
It was so lovely to see their seven year old girl, looking after baby G. and their two year old toddler sharing his cars with my son.

After some time we left for a little walk to the nearby farm which had baby dogs, horses, cows and cute calves as well as some hilarious piglets... It is a paradise for kids (and adults too)! :-)

As a real city-girl, who loves being in an urban environment, I nevertheless think it is great to share land life with your kids. There's no better school for kids, than experiencing life with animals....their social skills improve so much, plus they learn to take responsibility for others... ! I hope in our new home, that you can easily call "located on the countryside", baby G. will adventure great nature stories!

I was a great horse lover when I was younger and a day without horses, was a lost day... and dogs always win my heart in an instant... so I hope baby G. will also be an animal lover, to share great adventures with the animal kingdom...

Family days shared with dear friends (and animals), are always great days to keep in your heart!

xx Linda

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