Dec 18, 2012

Christmas tree love

I am so happy with our Christmas tree...

Actually it is our first "official" Christmas tree ever, and since we're having so much space at our new place and baby G. is now old enough that he's able to enjoy Christmas with us, it was an obvious one to get and decorate this year a (childsafe) tree...


We bought plenty of soft and unbreakable decoration and we also bought an extra child safe tree holder, so that we feel comfortable enough to let our little one crawl around the Christmas tree.

The decoration we got from IKEA, the tree-holder is from COOP and the tree is from our hometown Ebmatingen! ;-)

On Monday we celebrated our first little Christmas and it was so nice to light up the candles and to just look at our pretty little tree!

Happy decorating y'all!

xx Linda


  1. Du Lindi, tüener aber das Bäumli wieder in Wald ussetze nacher, damits nochli chan wachse, gell :-)

    1. Logooo Nattin... jetzt ischer na jung und knackig, und nächst Jahr ischer däfür denn en stattliche erwachsene Baum! Oleole...