Dec 2, 2012

Happy to have my boy back!

This weekend my husband and I had two fun evenings out with great friends.
So we decided to bring baby G. to my parents house, as both evenings were organised without kids.
It was great fun on both evenings, but we missed our little man so unbelievably much..

We couldn't wait much longer on Sunday morning, so we picked him up quite early, right after noon and after his siesta, as we weren't able to delay it any longer!

It was so great to see our Sweetheart again!!

Since he's having the flu, we went straight home and invited our longtime friends with their gorgeous baby girl over for coffee and we ended up having an early but very homely dinner together..

I love those cozy, wintery days at home...! No bad feelings with staying lazy at home...

What were you up to this weekend?

xx Linda

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