Dec 5, 2012

Red lips are for kissing...

Eventhough I love women who dare to wear red and I absolutely adore the color red, it's just not made for me!

But my gal N. asked me, to write about red lipstick, so of course, her wish is my demand!

To find the perfect hue, I would suggest, you'd go to one of those beauty counters where you live and have them show you their different color palette... For rather natural looking colors, I'm sure you'll find your luck at Bobbi Brown, if you're a bit more daring visit Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and M.A.C.

There are reds that have a rather blue/violet lowlight and other reds that go rather into a warmer orange/brown tone.. It really depends on your skintone and hair-/eyecolor which hue suits you best! Don't be shy with asking for help. Usually those beauty counter ladies are all very well trained or even professional make up artists, so get all the information you want and try on all the different shades of red you can get, before you decide on what color is THE ONE! This winter season also the very dark berry shades that almost go into a black tone are very trendy! But make sure it doesn't look to gothic on you!!

With red lips, everything is possible! You can be the vamp with a sexy eye make up and a soft silk or lace dress. Or it can be a nice pop of color in an all black/grey/white outfit. It can be worn with a casual outfit and it will still give you the WOW look and it can also be made up into a very ladylike, sultry and adult look.
Try it, it will bring some extravaganza to your look and behaviour I promise you this!

Here some inspo on different shades and looks:

What is also very important when buying a fancy lip color is the way you apply it onto your lips:

1. Scrub your lips with either your toothbrush or scrub it gently with a honey sugar mixture and remove thisway any dry skin on your lips.

2. Apply some concealer on the outer line of your lips to correct any imperfections or add some highlighter on to your cupids bow to accentuate the shape of your lips.

3. Add some lipliner (according to the color you chose for your lips! Go rather lighter than too dark, as that dark outer line is so not in anymore!!) to the outer line of your lips to have a "sealing" on your lips, that helps to prevent any lipstick smudging on your lips.

4. Apply your lipstick (either with a lipstick brush or just with your lipstick) from the center towards the outer corners.

5. When finished applying your lipstick, blot your lips onto a tissue and reapply a second coat of lipstick.

Et voila! Your lips are ready to go!!

Would love to see a pic of YOUR red lips!

xx Linda

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