Dec 8, 2012 bitch!


Well OK, I have to admit, from time to time it's really convenient to browse through the stores and online stores during sales period, especially if you are looking for something in particular and find it  coincidentally and you get it as a real bargain...but hey, honestly, how often does this really happen!?!?!

Today I was browsing a bit through different online stores and of course I detected that everywhere the sales are on. Online, as I said, is browsing totally OK, no waiting in line, not a too big of a frustration, if you can't find your size as maybe something different catches your eye...etc. I admit it, online shopping can be quite convenient at any time during the year.

However, thinking of all the sales going on at the local stores right now, I get goose bumps, some chills in my bones and a little bit of panic comes up in me... I can already see it with my inner eye, how the clothing racks are overloaded with a humungous amount of clothes in a big chaos, some hysterical women grab exactly after that item that caught MY eye, the stores are a big mess within 5 minutes after opening... YIKES! Really not my thing!

But what is substantially disturbing me, is that you can be reassured to find that one item, you saved eternally long your money for and you finally bought it to the normal retail price, is now at least 50% off the normal price tag, plus your size is available too...
This happened me already sooooooo many times, it kind of upsets me...
I know, would I have been the one, waiting patiently for the sale, I can be sure, my size would no longer have been available... that's for sure... but vice versa, why does it happen to me all the time??

Don't you feel the same? What is your shopping strategy? Purchasing at all times in advance, to make sure you don't miss anything? Waiting for the big sale and then buy anything that catches your eye? Trying to get the sales assistant to put something away for you until the sales have started? Do you only go shopping during sales period? I'm really curious how you deal with this...

xx Linda

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