Dec 27, 2012

Time to burn those calories...

We had a real feast 3 days in a row...
We ate and drank plenty, but let me tell you, it was sooooo good!!

But now it's time to slowly start burning those calories....

We started real slowly with a lovely walk through the "Wildnispark Z├╝rich".
This park is fabulous... The animals finally have tons of space and live in their natural environment...and for the kids it is great to see the animals in their native habitat, without seeing them struggle in their little Zoo-boxes.

We saw plenty of deer, capricorns, wild boars, wolves, lynxes, wild cats, elks, buffalos and we were even able to see their brown bear! Fantastic!

If you're around town, this is absolutely a recommendable place to visit, with or without kids!

xx Linda

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