Dec 9, 2012

Travel in Style

Do you know that feeling of sitting in the airplane, having to open the top button of your jeans because you foolishly chose your "a bit too skinny jeans" for the flight? Or that uncomfortable feeling of being cold all the time during your flight, as the aircon is not adjustable? And the blankets you get from the airlines are just way too gross to use them.

Here my simple tricks (as an ex-travel agent) for great comfort and style throughout your travels...

1. Wear comfortable, soft trousers like for example leggins or jeans with a lot of stretch in the fabric for great convenience during your flight. Another option would be a long skirt. Thisway you'll kill two birds with one stone... loads of room for your legs with no drag marks plus you can wrap it around your legs and use it as an extra blanket.

2. ALWAYS bring your extra big and soft scarf with you... a warm neck is always a plus and if your freezing you can wrap it around your body for extra warmth!

3. Layering your tops helps you to stay cozy and comfortable in any case. When leaving from the wintery cold it keeps you warm and when you arrive in the hot summer heat, you can easily take of some layers so won't be sweating at the arrival!

4. Don't forget to wear comfortable and yet easy to take off shoes! Not only a big necessity for the screening part of the customs duty (where you are asked 99% of the times to take off your shoes!), but also during the flight it is great to take off your shoes for an extra smooth flight!

5. Big carry on luggage/bags are a must to bring all the little things along you'll need during your flight, like: warm socks, big scarf, a good moisturizer for your skin, hand lotion, lip balm, make up bag, hair brush, your personal eye-mask and bolster for a good rest during the flight. Some emergency clothing for the first day if your main luggage should not arrive, incl. underwear, t-shirt, tooth brush and tooth paste, bikini etc. and of course don't forget the charger of your electronic devices. Also don't forget to bring a little snack, like nuts, along, plus some water, in case of any delays in the airplane where you can't buy anything! And last but not least, bring some reading material and your Ipod along for your own entertainment!

Here some outfit inspo for travelling:

Have a safe trip!

xx Linda


  1. The first outfit is very classy. Maybe I'll wear somthing like this on my trip to Miami in Jan :-)

  2. Agree, must go comfy when travelling. Leggins, long tshirt, hoodie, pashmina, warm socks, sneakers, lip balm, must-wear list!!