Feb 3, 2013

What's your kids favorite dish?

My boy loooovves everything including meat and pasta! All kinds of vegetable (but nothing raw!) and cheese, big time!

He absolutely dislikes fresh fruits, everything too sweet like chocolate or cake...

I'd say, baby G's favorite dish would be Spaghetti Bolognese, including some courgettes, carrots and pleeenty of meat in a rich tomato sauce!

Now please, share your kiddies favorite meal..

xx Linda


  1. I am no kid any more, but still love Blognese...

    1. Well..who doesn't love a good Bolognese!?! ;-)

  2. Oooooh baby girl G is so similar. Her all time favourite is Penne Bolo with lots of Cheese. Cheese is definitely on top of the top list. Veggies are good too as Mango is another favourite...However, even though baby G was born in Asia, rice is def off the menu plan. A big dislike...