Mar 6, 2013

For the Swiss Beauty-Shopaholics

Here a link to a great page offering beauty products to the Swiss, which are unavailable at our local stores...

I love browsing through beauty stores for example in the US or other countries, that don't exist in Switzerland...the finds there always seem better and exclusive! But when my beloved product comes to an end, I hate not being able to just pop into the store and buy a new one...

Here is now the solution to this problem. On this homepage you can get all the goodies you wouldn't get at our local stores... Here some of the available brands you'll get at this great page: 

- Aveeno
- Bare Minerals
- BeneFit
- Burt's Bees
- Clarisonic
- Korres
- MakeUp for Ever
- Stila
- Urban Decay
etc. etc.

How great, right? Now go on, get your money out and indulge into your favorite products from abroad!

What are your favorite beauty bring-alongs from your travels?

Thanks another time N. for this fabulous hint!
xx Linda

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