Mar 9, 2013

My fresh and flowery decorated Spring table

I love it when the flowers start blossoming and there is everywhere that warm and fresh smell of their blooms..

For my dinner table I chose, greens and different shades of pink, plus some white and grey...

You'll also find my newest little decoration accessory on my table that I love. I saw it on Pinterest and had to recreate it! Someone created a vase to their flowers, by using some pretty Iced Tea bottles and I fell in love with the nice color combination... simple and yet colorful and unique! Just what I like for this season of the year.. Mood rises ahoi!

As a present from our dear guests we got some gorgeous peach blossoms.. What a lovely idea! Thanks a lot V.&P. !!

Please stay dear Spring time, I'm really getting used to you!

xx Linda

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