Sep 1, 2013

Still adjusting...

I'm still adjusting to our new family situation at home with a newborn and an almost 2 year old toddler. It has been a little over 3 weeks now our babygirl came into our lifes and it has been an amazing journey so far - but also a bit exhausting...

Our days have become shorter, time is flying and I don't get to do all the stuff I wanted... but it's getting better and better and everyone is finding it's new place and role in our family life!

Baby G. is coping well with the new little one that is now sharing her days with ours. He accepted her well and showers her with kisses and TLC! Way too cute to look at, let me tell you!
But he is also getting stronger by the day and wants plenty of action to get rid of all the excess energy he has! So I'm really stipulated to comfort everyones wishes..

Please make allowance to my not posting anything at the moment.. I will get back to normal life - promised! I hope rather sooner than later ;-)

I hope you're all well and enjoyed a fantastic summer..

xx Linda

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