Feb 26, 2014

Greetings from home away from home...

Zurich has a new kids store with gorgeous and affordable Spanish clothes and accessories, carrying sizes for newborns until 4 year old toddlers. Finally it is no longer necessary to fly to Spain to find lovely kids attire with great prices! The featured brands, like B√≥bolituc tucSardon and Calcetines Carlomagno are all from Spain and are made from great quality.

Their statement item (and I am sure, shortly a bestseller!) are handmade baby socks that are being knitted by the owners Mom. Made out of super soft Merino Wool with a silk bow it certainly will catch your heart in a second!
What a fabulous present for your friends babies and also a wonderful and practical accessory for your own little one. They come in all colors, and I am sure your special wish can be discussed..

Let me tell you, I instantly fell in love with them, total cuteness alarm!!!!!

Take a look at the "Kinderboutique Pupi":

For further information, please check their Homepage!

xx Linda

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