Apr 30, 2014

When in New York...

I'm back from the longingly awaited Bachelorette-Weekend of my girl F.
(Thanks again H. for bringing us to this inimitably theater show and organizing everything!)

We had a blast throughout and it was just perfect!

My ultimate hint for you, for an "other kind" of New York adventure or maybe rather a "very New Yorkish" experience is:

A fantastic lavish dinner, an intimate, sensual and immersive performance, a provocative variety show where you might get your own private little part in the show and it will definitively leave you breathless and wanting more of this experience…

Delicious drinks like "The queen's bush" will guarantee you a look into this two sided world. Loads of mouthwatering Lobsters, whole piglets, delicious beef and other great food will definitvely fill the hungry's stomach.

Having the viewers integrated into this unique show, makes this adventure even more appealing. Circus artists on gymwheels, acrobats, diabolo players never let your eyes rest throughout the whole show. Everywhere you look, the scenery is full of little details that will catch your eyes.

Truly a one-of-a-kind and mind blowing show, from the creators of "The Box" which guarantees for a "another kind" of nightlife experience!

(Pictures taken from their homepage!)

For more information, check their homepage: http://queenofthenightnyc.com

To me, a definitive MUST SEE in the "City that never sleeps"! Go and be blown away...

xx Linda

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