Jun 8, 2014

Not a Good-bye, but a See-you-later

Sorry for posting only so little in the past couple of weeks… 

Sadly we had to undergo through some rough times in our circle of friends.

Life showed us how little influence we have regarding our passing and that there is something superior to us, who has all the force and that we absolutely can't take control of..
It's always hard to understand and to accept if young people in the fullest bloom of their lifes have to go. And it's indescribably painful to see the bereaved's suffering and hurting and feeling helpless yourself to comfort them… It just feels so wrong and so unfair that it seems impossible to imagine one will ever overcome this pain.

But to give myself a little gleam of hope, to me their parting is certainly not a Good-bye but definitively a See-you-later my friends… 

So long R. and C.!

xx Linda

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