Jul 8, 2014

Cake love

OK, I must admit it... I loooove recipe books.
Especially cakes- muffins- cupcakes-recipes are my favorites! 

To browse through baking-books makes me happy… also the actual baking part is fullfilling to me... telling you that, I must also tell you, that I'm not even that much into eating that kind of sweet food, looking at those gorgeous creations is enough satisfying and joyful. The negative part about my passion is, that I am completely talentfree when it is about handcrafting amd decorating... But hey, WHATEVER! 

I love to look at Linda Lomelinos books. And since she is telling everyone how easy and simple it is to bake cakes, I gave my all and tried my best... 

(Bild von AT-Verlag)

Tataaa... please, don't laugh!!!

My Strawberry-Lime-Cake tasted really great, despite the awful look!

Anyhow, if you like baking, you really need to check out Linda's book! 

You can get it here , here  and here

Aah, and don't forget to show me your results! 

xx Linda

1 comment:

  1. Dieser Kuchen ist Göttlich! Ich fühlte mich bei der Zubereitung wohl wie Juliette Binoche in Chocholat <3