Aug 11, 2014


On saturday our baby girl India turned 1 and we celebrated her big day with the family and her godfather and godmother….

The cake I ordered with "THATBAKINGGIRL" and we were so overly happy with how it turned out to be! India's favorite toy cuddly bunny, the banner, the bow.. sooo cute! To appeal all tastes, we chose a marble cake…and it was really really good! Heidi did a marvelous job and I can really recommend her!! Check out her homepage for more informations and for further impressions of her art! That was definitvely not the last cake we ordered with her!

India was really happy and totally at ease on her day! She smiled a lot, was kissed and hugged plenty from everyone, tried some of her cake and was just a happy little fella! 

One year now, having her in our lives…and it's the very best! India, you're the best daughter, the best sister and just a perfect little girl! We couldn't be any happier! Thank you for brightening up our days, each and every single one of it! We love you more than words could ever say! We are a blessed and happy family!

xx Mom (and Dad and big bro G.)

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