Oct 22, 2014

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Today I would like to introduce you to an upcoming brand called ETSI that creates wonderful quality clothes with great fabrics and sensational onesize designs to fit all kinds of body types. Are you looking for a chic dress, a snugly home outfit,  some super soft accessories or a perfect gift for your loved ones? I guess here you'll find what you are looking for...

My favorite part out of this collections are the cute matching outfits for mothers and their daughters!

Check out here some of their adorable looks:

Knit dress with embellished neckline. The right amount of bling to make your look a bit fancier!

Striped dress. A fun dress for mom and baby girl.

Dark grey dress in bloom. A great day to night outfit!

Let's not forget about the lovely accessories too:

Grey-black leopard print scarf. A trendy shawl made out of a gorgeous cashmere blend!

Red oversized bow hat. The perfect hue for a pop of color in the grey winter time!

Camel cashmere ballet slippers. They're perfectly soft and warming cashmere slippers

This year the Christmas season will be a matchy matchy one with your little girl or a cozy one for the ladies in their comfy cute dresses…

Make sure you'll check out the homepage: http://www.etsi.co/shop.
And if you prefer to take a closer look to the items, go to www.kidsdesign.ch (in Erlenbach and Thalwil) or www.samandluna.com (in Carouge, Geneva).

All I want for Christmas...

xx Linda

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