Jan 7, 2015

Christmas presents highlights for the kids

This year it took me tons of creativity to find and recommend presents for our kids.
Everyone kept asking me, what the kids wished for on this holiday season.
To be honest, in my opinion they already got everything and much more and I couldn't think of ANYTHING MORE they could possibly need…
But hey, it's Christmas….

I must admit, I got some great inspirational advise and suggestions from very good friends, which I was truly happy and thankful about!

In the end, the happy faces of the kids and them still playing with their new toys proves me, they got the right things. YAY!

Here the highlights my kids got this years:

Books were and are always my kiddos favorites, these he reads (or has them read by us) over and over again on a daily basis:

Get it here!

Get it here

Get it here!

This book is an absolutely perfect activity and really really fun. A great way to spend a rainy morning at home!

Get it here!

This bed linen also made it on his favorites list:

Get it here!

Here I am not sure who is happier about the presi, son or dad?!?

Get a similar one here!

Little Miss Sunshine completely fell for her baby stroller. No more walking around our home without her pushing that thing!

Get it here!

This tablet is perfect for entertainment for all kids of all ages…

Get it here!

This butterfly keeps my girl entertained and even trains her dexterity! The bomb!

Get it here!

We enjoyed a great time "en famille" this year, with plenty of good food, great company and some fabulous laughters. 



I hope you had a great start into 2015!

xx Linda

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