May 4, 2015


A friend of mine and her cousin had a fabulous fashion idea and finally we all are able to get their fantastic mix and match dress collection together with beautiful accessories.

PIQ is a great fashion idea, beautifully and professionally implemented in a stylish homepage where you can mix and match tops and skirts of great quality together and immediately see how your choice will look like! Combine it with a gorgeous belt from genuine italian leather and you'll get an amazing evening wear dress. But also you are able to wear the pieces by themselves, in a more dressed down version for your everyday life! And don't forget, going all white you'll be able to get your perfect wedding dress! Chic at any times - WE LIKE!

Look how simple and fabulous the concept works!

The shopping experience is easy and quick!

 Here some pictures of the bridal collection:

And here the gorgeous evening wear:

Here some of their lovely belts:

A definite MUST HAVE to your closet!

Go and PIQ your style NOW!

xx Linda

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