Oct 13, 2015

DIY Inspo

I'm thinking of handcrafting some of this years X-Mas presents with my kids. Last years gifts were a success, so I thought of creating again something with my kids...

Here what I found so far that I liked and am considering:

Homemade Lipbalm

Do your own wrapping paper

Apple-Stamp bag

Footprint dish

String-heart image

Handpainted bag

Another handpainted bag

Puzzle Screen

Melted crayon hearts

Handmade polka dot mug

Hand- and Footprint Drawing

Birdfood ornaments


Kids paint Handtowels

Hand made crystal bowl

Growth chart

Mason jar piggy bank

Bath bombs

Hand drawn-burnt wooden cutting desk

Stamp Image

Balloon technique Drawing

Corn Cobb Pattern 

Little Kleister Image

Favorite toy Picture

Tape Drawing 

Rock Game

How cool are these ideas?? 
(Most ideas are downloadable from Pinterest!)

What will you create? Let me know!
xx Linda

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