Oct 11, 2015

Dragons birthday bash

Time is flying, our baby boy turned 4 years old and we threw him a cool Dragons themed birthday party.  (That was the final deal, as he priorly wished for a Dragons-Indians-Monsters-Dinosaurs-Cowboys-Race Cars theme?! Ehm right...)

Thank goodness for Amazon, where I found most of the decoration I needed. Somehow the theme "Dragons" wasn't as common as I first thought, and finding cool stuff turned out to be a little bit stressfull and ended up in a combination theme of How to train Dragons & Dragons and Knights themed bash...

But have a look yourself..

The How-to-train-Dragons Cake and Cucumber Dragon-Fingers.

Little homemade Hippo-Dragon Tyrolean Cake with Dragon-Poison-Water.

Baby Dragon-Eggs Chocolate Cupcakes and Dragon-Blood-Blackcurrant-Sirup.

A Dragon-Shark-Tank made of Berry Mix-JELL-O and Sugar Sharks.

The little giftbags were filled with inflatable swords, Knights&Dragons stamps and tattoos, Smarties and a Lolli.

The kids table had blank Dragon masks for the kids to color themselves.

They enjoyed the little colouring session!

Then I had planned a little Quiz for the kiddos where they had to answer 5 questions, so they could win their own plush baby Dragon or a Dragon Egg or little Dragon-Farts (soap bubbles). That was so much fun to watch... 

Here the baby Dragons-Nest.

It was a bit nervewrecking to put everything together... But baby G. was jumping around with joy throughout the whole day, telling us how happy and excited he was, which made the whole organizing hassle (and the cleaning afterwards) well worth it...

Happy birthday our little big boy, we love you to pieces!

xx Linda

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