Mar 16, 2016

OOTD - Spring we need thou

To bring a little change into my blogging routine, I wanted to share a little day to day "Outfit of the day"...

I am already in such a spring-time mood that despite the cold outside, I dressed up a little pretending warmer temperatures have already arrived...haha... but never mind... To get outside, just simply add some socks, booties and your warm coat and you are all set!

A cozy cardigan for that little breeze (slightly ironic at the moment with these temperatures..LOL).
Get yours here (this one is actually on sale!)  or here or here

A crisp shirt for some everyday chic.
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Skinny jeans, as they are always right!
Get yours here or here or here

Some comfy Gladiator sandals.
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Spring, we are so ready for you!
xx Linda

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