Apr 19, 2016

DIY Salt paste-Figures

The other day we did a little handcrafting at home.

I got inspired by familienhaeppchen.ch und since my kids love playing with dough and colouring, I copied Nadja's mission.

It was a complete success! Thanks for that!!

Preparing the paste is super easy!

500gr salt
500gr flour
2 tsp oil

Mix everything together and slowly add the water in the end until the dough has a soft kneadable texture.

When finished creating, bake the goodies at 100 degrees Celsius for about 2-3 hours.

Super easy and the mess is not too bad!

To colour the works, I used simple watercolor. It drys quickly and the stains are washable! 

If you own a little kids-grocery store, this is perfect to create your own vegetables, fruits etc. for the kids to play with.

Also we have made two handprints of the kids, as a little keepsake...
(Oh boy, motherhood takes away all the space at home.. ;-)

Now you are definitively ready for a rainy afternoon of handcrafting - no excuses anymore! LOL!

xx Linda

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