May 3, 2016

Cloudy ice cream

Ok Ok Ok... I admit it, I am slightly obsessed with these cuties by "A little lovely Company"!

The cloud- and pear-nightlamps are way too cute and since they are with LED-bulbs, you can easily give them your kids to bed without worrying that they could burn themselves...

The lightbox is really awesome! However your current mood is, with the letters and little signs it works perfectly as your private mood board, or as we use it, as little name tags...

The backpacks are a great size, have a sweet design, plenty of space and are not very fussy! 
So practical - We love! 

Having a huge ice cream lover at home makes the subjects even cuter! 
For us, definitively a must have!

Get you little lovely stuff here or here or here!

xx Linda

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