Jul 12, 2016

Chocolate cravings...

Who ever experienced that feeling, of an urgent need of a chocolate something in ones tummy, but no chocolate bar or anything chocolatey is around or even close, knows the desperation I felt yesterday...

But a look into my cupboard brought relief to my craving for something sweet..
and to make it even better, my choice is even dairy-free, refined sugar-free and vegan! (not that I even care, but some take this really serious!) High five!

(OK OK.. the look is not the prettiest, but the taste is absolutely the best!!)

Here my recipe for this delicious Chocolate-Coconut-Pudding you will forever be thankful to me! ;-)

Ingredients (for 2 persons):
1 Avocado 
2 Bananas (one ripe and one frozen one)
2 teaspoons Unsweetened Cocoa powder
1 large tablespoon of desiccated coconut
1 small teaspoon Agave sirup
2-3 tablespoons of coconut water

Mix all together in your strong food processor! And it is already prepared for your indulgence! YUM!

Sooo good!

You are welcome!

xx Linda

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